Send flowers, cake and chocolates to India

Send flowers, cake and chocolates to India

Giving chocolates with a bouquet of lovely flowers is the best gift for your special ones. At Online Delivery, you can get a variety of options to choose from. It is a unique platform where you can choose gifts for everyone. Though sending flowers and chocolates is a bit traditional, but it is still trendy and has its own charm. Try our flowers cake and chocolate delivery in India for an amazing shopping experience.
15 Mixed Roses with Basket, 1/2 kg Black forest ca...
₹ 2095 | $ 33.52

A bunch of 15 red roses, black forest cake and 2 ...
₹ 1390 | $ 22.24

A bunch of 10 mixed roses, 1 kg black forest cake ...
₹ 2295 | $ 36.72

A bunch of 20 mixed carnationn 1/2 kg chocolate ca...
₹ 1400 | $ 22.4

A vase of 10 purple orchids 1 kg chocolate cake a...
₹ 2695 | $ 43.12

10 Red Roses, 1/2 kg Strawberry cake, 5 dairy milk...
₹ 1495 | $ 23.92

Heart of 50 Red Roses, heart shape 1 Kg chocolate ...
₹ 3695 | $ 59.12

200 Red Roses, 1 Kg chocolate truffle cake with 24...
₹ 7995 | $ 127.92

Basket of 50 Mixed flowers, 1 Kg Black forest cake...
₹ 5995 | $ 95.92

Bunch of 10 Red roses, 1/2 kg chocolate cake, 16 p...
₹ 1995 | $ 31.92

10 Red roses in Vase, 1/2 kg Buttur sotch cake and...
₹ 1895 | $ 30.32

Bunch of 20 Red and Pink Roses, 1 kg heart shaped ...
₹ 2795 | $ 44.72

special combo
₹ 1995 | $ 31.92

Bunch of 15 Roses and carnation, 1 kg heart shaped...
₹ 2495 | $ 39.92

Basket of 20 Red Roses, 1 Kg Black forest cake and...
₹ 2995 | $ 47.92

Basket of 20 Red Roses, 1 Kg heart shaped chocolat...
₹ 2595 | $ 41.52

10 Pink Roses, 1/2 kg Black forest cake and silk
₹ 1195 | $ 19.12

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Buy flowers, cake and chocolates to India

A few tips you must keep in mind before selecting the perfect gift
• Type
The first thing to consider is the right flower or chocolate or cake. You must know the preference of your dear ones to whom you want to send a gift. The colour of the flowers, the flavour of the cake, etc. are a few important things to consider. It is essential to know these things to choose the best one. Once you get to know everything, send flowers cake and chocolate to India and convey your love message to your dear ones.
• Look Around
You must look around for an option from where you can easily get what you desire without doing much effort. Online Delivery is a place where you can get many options to choose from with an ease. All you need to do is select a gift that is perfect for you and place an order. We offer same day flowers cake and chocolate delivery in India at your doorstep.
• Budget
Budget is another important aspect that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a gift. You would please to know that we offer amazing gifts at very affordable prices. We value your money and give you everything that worth buying.
What Do We Offer?
• Red Roses with Chocolates
Red roses are everyone’s favourite and bring a smile on face. This combo of 15 red roses with a ½ kg cake and dairy milk chocolate is a great gift option. Buy flowers cake and chocolate in India from Online Delivery and make your family or friends happy.
• Cake with Teddy Bear
Gift this attractive bouquet of 20 mixed colours carnation with a yummy cake to your loved ones. We offer you various flavoured cakes such as chocolate, strawberry, etc. We offer you online flowers cake and chocolate delivery in India at your doorstep.
• All in one perfect basket
Nothing can make a better gift than this exquisite combo of cake, 50 mixed flowers with chocolates and teddy bear. Online Delivery gives you the best opportunity to choose a perfect gift for your special ones. We would love to serve you in a best possible way.

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