Send flowers and cake with sweets to India

Send Flowers and cake with sweets to India

When you give a gift to a loved one, you are telling them that you love them and that they’re always in your thoughts. Selecting the perfect gift can be such a hurdle. Especially for us Indians because we value our gift giving practices. There are so many occasions where a gift is required. We don’t always get the time to go out and shop for the perfect gift every time. It doesn’t have to be something big for every single occasion, it can be something small but personal, something that shows them that you love them. You could buy flowers, cakes and sweets in India at and give your loved ones a surprise on their special occasion.
20 Red Roses, 1/2 Kg chocolate cake , 1/2 Kg Kaju ...
₹ 1595 | $ 25.52

20 Red Roses, 1 Kg chocolate cake and 1 Kg Kaju Katli
₹ 2295 | $ 36.72

10 Red Roses, 1/2 Kg Black forest cake and 1/2 Kg...
₹ 1495 | $ 23.92

10 Red Roses, 1 Kg Black forest cake and 1 Kg Kaju...
₹ 2295 | $ 36.72

20 mixed Roses, 1 Kg Black forest cake and 1 Kg K...
₹ 3095 | $ 49.52

20 mixed Roses, 1 Kg Black forest cake and 1 Kg m...
₹ 2495 | $ 39.92

20 Red Roses, 1 Kg Chocolate Fruit cake and 1 Kg ...
₹ 2995 | $ 47.92

20 Red Roses, 1 Kg Chocolate Fruit cake and 1 Kg K...
₹ 2995 | $ 47.92

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Send flowers,cake and sweets to India

We offer a variety of flowers that you could buy at You can make customized bouquets to let your loved ones know exactly how you feel. Buy roses to express your love and desire for them, buy carnations to express admiration for them, buy daisies to convey hope and buy tulips to express the sunshine that they bring to your life. The beauty of sending flowers is that they are beautiful and can brighten any room (and face) as well as send a message. offers same day flowers, cakes and sweets delivery in India.
Choice of Cakes and Sweets Are Unlimited
Give your loved ones something sweet to remember you by, by buying cakes and sweets for them. Everyone loves sweet things. We all have a sweet tooth from time to time. By sending something sweet, you are giving them a treat after dinner, as well as expressing your love for them. You can send flowers, cakes, and sweets online in India at We offer an array of sweet treats and pastries that you can choose from. You can’t go wrong by sending sweets. We at offer flowers, cake and sweets delivery in India so that you won’t have to worry about picking up and dropping off gifts. We will worry about that. Our tops services also come in handy when your time is limited and you want to send flowers, cakes and sweets to India. We have a trusted delivery network that spans over 750 cities in India, making our gifting experience and customer satisfaction better. Shop with us at and select from the biggest array of personalised gifts that we provide to you.

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