Send flowers and chocolates with teddy to India

Send flowers,chocolates and teddy online to India

There are some things which never go out of fashion and never cease to lose its appeal even in the face of fierce competition. We call these things eternal. One example of such eternal thing is a rose. Men have created and developed various types of flowers; however, the appeal of a bouquet of rose flowers still remains insurmountable. Two other things which come in the close second and third position belong to chocolates and teddy bears.
10 Pink Roses, Teddy Bear (6 Inch) and Cadbury Cel...
₹ 895 | $ 14.32

10 Red Roses, Teddy bear(6 inches) and Cadbury's C...
₹ 995 | $ 15.92

10 Red Roses, Teddy Bear (6 Inch) and Cadbury Cele...
₹ 795 | $ 12.72

6 Red Roses, Teddy bear & Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
₹ 1695 | $ 27.12

12 Red Roses, 6 inch Teddy Bear and 16 pcs Ferrero...
₹ 1595 | $ 25.52

20 Red Roses, 6 inch Teddy Bear and 16 pcs Dairy M...
₹ 2195 | $ 35.12

6 Inch Teddy Bear with Ferrero Rocher and 12 Roses
₹ 2195 | $ 35.12

6 Red Roses, 6 inches of Teddy Bear and 16 Pieces ...
₹ 1595 | $ 25.52

6 Yellow Roses and 6 inches of Teddy Bear and Fer...
₹ 1495 | $ 23.92

6 Yellow Roses, 6 inches of Teddy Bear Cadbury cel...
₹ 995 | $ 15.92

12 Mixed roses 6 inches Teddy Bear and Cadbury cel...
₹ 1095 | $ 17.52

6 inch teddy bear and 12 roses cadbury dairy milk
₹ 1095 | $ 17.52

10 mixed Carnation , 6 inches teddy bear and Cadbu...
₹ 1095 | $ 17.52

12 mixed Gerberas, 6 inches Teddy Bear 2 Dairy mil...
₹ 995 | $ 15.92

Bunch of 10 roses 12 inch teddy and 16 Pcs ferrer...
₹ 1595 | $ 25.52

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Send flowers,chocolates and teddy to India

You may think that to send flowers, chocolates and teddy to India would be a too cliché gift, however very few of us realise that cliché gifts can be a life saver for someone who is running short on his budget or have no time to get innovative. When you choose to opt for, flowers, chocolates and teddy delivery to India from, you can be assured that your gifts would reach their destination on time without fail. This mental assurance means a lot for people who are caught in between work and family commitments.At we carry a huge collection of different type of gift hampers containing flowers, chocolates or teddy bears. Each of these hampers is tailor-made, keeping in mind the needs of customers from different sections of the society. At we believe in gifting emotions through physical gifts. This is why we always take special care to ensure that your gifts are well packed both from the point of safety and aesthetics.

Buy flowers, chocolates and teddy online to India

A lot of people buy flowers, chocolates and teddy online to India, for the occasion of birthdays or anniversaries. These three items have a universal appeal and can be given to people on any happy occasion, irrespective of age or gender.

Same day flowers, chocolates and teddy send to India

Just like a flower hamper you can customise a chocolate hamper too. You can go for different types of chocolates or opt for one particular kind.Different chocolate type is an ideal choice, when you do not know the person on a personal level and you do not want to take a risk. We offer same day flowers, chocolates and teddy send to India services all throughout the country for all our gift hampers. At, you can take advantage of our point system and accumulate points for every successful order which is delivered from our end. These points can be redeemed at a later date for making further purchases. You can check the total amount of points you have accumulated in the account section of the website.

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