Send fruit cakes to India

When we think of fruit cakes one thinks of Christmas and the dry fruit based ones, but you can get some amazing fresh fruit cakes from Online Delivery. We have a wide variety of options that you can choose from to send fruit cakes to India. These can be sent to your loved ones, friends and family for occasion that you can think of,including for an anniversary, birthday, graduation, holiday, Valentines Day and more. Let us help you make the day special for your loved ones, especially if they aren't expecting something from you since you aren't there to make it happen.
Fruits Chocolate Cake
₹ 895 | $ 13.87

Black Forest Fruit Cake
₹ 1395 | $ 21.62

Pineapple Fruit Cake
₹ 1395 | $ 21.62

Vanilla Fruit Cake
₹ 1395 | $ 21.62

Chocolate Fruit Cake
₹ 1395 | $ 21.62

Butter scotch Fruit Cake
₹ 1495 | $ 23.17

White forest Fruit Cake
₹ 1395 | $ 21.62

20 Yellow and white Roses and 1 kg Fruit Cake.
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

Basket of 20 Mixed Gerbera and 1 kg Fruit Cake
₹ 2395 | $ 37.12

5 star Mango Cake
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

fresh 5 star fruits cakes.
₹ 1495 | $ 23.17

5 star fruits cakes
₹ 1495 | $ 23.17

Fruit Cake
₹ 695 | $ 10.77

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Healthy and Fruity Cakes For All Occasions

When you think about fruit cake delivery in India it becomes a reality. We have a huge selection of cakes that you can choose from in various shapes, designs and flavours. You can go for a simple option with vanilla or chocolate as the flavor or a more complicated flavor like black forest, white forest, butterscotch, mango or pineapple. All of these are covered in fruit in one way or another, whether in the frosting or actual pieces of seasonal items like oranges, kiwi, strawberries, apples, grapes, berries, mangoes and more. Let us help you gift your loved ones a gorgeous cake for their special day or even for no reason at all.

buy fruit cakes online to India

You can buy fruit cakes online to India and we will deliver them. You can also choose from our combination presents, which let you pair some flowers with a 1 kg fruit cake. You can pick from the types of flowers that you want, including gerberas or roses and 20 blooms of various colours will be sent. This is a great way to let someone special know that they are on your mind, so go ahead and let us help you surprise someone. Why just send them a gorgeous, yet delicious delicacy when you can also send them some flowers?

Same day fruit cake delivery in India

If you need same day fruit cake delivery in India, then we can help you with that. Simply pick the item that you want delivered and we will ensure that it is taken care of and delivered in a timely manner.You can choose from a simple cake or you can pick from our combination presents that pair other items with the cakes. These are a great way to let people know that you are thinking about them no matter where you might be in the world for that special occasion.

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