Send A Fortune of Good Health With Plants To Your Loved Ones

With time, things have changed and so did gifting techniques. Nowadays,online delivery methods have become the trendiest way of gifting – be it any occasion or any person, you will no more miss the moments to send across token of love! At, make sure that you get all types of gifts to make the moments of your loved ones really special and cherishing. Well, most of us plan to gift photo frames, vases, flowers, cakes and other decorative items, but did you ever think that you can even send plants? Yes, they symbolise environment friendly thoughts and also indicate good luck and health to the receiver.
An Aloe Vera Plant
₹ 495 | $ 7.67

Plant Bamboo 3-Layer Small
₹ 595 | $ 9.22

Hybrid Money Plant
₹ 845 | $ 13.1

Plant Bamboo 2-Layer
₹ 495 | $ 7.67

Aglaonema plant
₹ 1845 | $ 28.6

Plant Pothos Brown Planter
₹ 895 | $ 13.87

Cactus Plant
₹ 595 | $ 9.22

Chilean Cactus Plant
₹ 1295 | $ 20.07

Green Grden
₹ 495 | $ 7.67

Non-Grafted Green-Orange Cactus
₹ 695 | $ 10.77

Echinocactus grusonii Painted Non-Grafted White Ca...
₹ 695 | $ 10.77

What Are Client Say

Why Choose For Sending Plants?

You have lots of various websites to send gifts but what makes a difference choosing us will matter you. When you choose us you will not only be able to buy plants online in India but will also be able to send plants to India to your family and friends. With us you can select plants of your choice right from bonsai bamboo, Aloe Vera plant, cactus, hybrid money plant, Aglaonema plant and what not. Choose the plant of your choice and let us know where and when to send and we will do it for you.With us green plants delivery online in India have become easier and you will find it quite easy to send plants as gifts to your friends and family anywhere in India.

Why Plants Can Be A Unique Gift Item?

When gifts bring you more than what its apparently seen – is that not something special? Plants have a plethora of good reasons to be gifted. Bamboo decorative plants are believed to be lucky, they are quite easy to care for and many people believe that bamboo in your home follows the typical Feng Shui rules of happy household.Similarly, aloe Vera plants aid in giving you a healthy environment, you can even slice a piece of the plant and extract the juice for beauty treatments.All these plants do not need high maintenance yet are extremely useful and serve as a lucky charm.

Go Green And Let Others Follow You

With us you can buy indoor plants online at cheap rates and we have made the process simplest to promote green gifts delivery online in India. Make us your partner in giving surprises and we will never let you down. We will always be happy to help you in giving surprises and spreading smile throughout.

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