Send cake with chocolates to India

Send cake with chocolates to India

Finding a gift, which is right for that special someone might be difficult. Online Delivery is here to eliminate all your confusion and offers you a variety of gift options. Though everybody has that sweet tooth craving and what better gift than cake and chocolates? You can send cake and chocolates to India to make your loved ones happy. It works as an ideal gift for every occasion.
1/2 kg Black forest cake and 16 pcs Ferrero rocher
₹ 1295 | $ 20.72

1 kg Eggless Black forest and 16 pcs Ferrero rocher
₹ 1795 | $ 28.72

1/2 Kg black forest cake with cadbury celebrations.
₹ 995 | $ 15.92

Chocolate cake and ferrero rocher
₹ 1495 | $ 23.92

Black forest cake and fivestar
₹ 1195 | $ 19.12

Heart shape cake with chocolates
₹ 1295 | $ 20.72

Pineapple cake with dairy milk
₹ 995 | $ 15.92

Pineapple cake with silk
₹ 1495 | $ 23.92

Butter scoth cake with silk
₹ 1395 | $ 22.32

Black forest cake and dairy milk
₹ 1295 | $ 20.72

Black forest cake with celebration.
₹ 1395 | $ 22.32

1 kg chcocolate truffle cake with 16 pieces ferrer...
₹ 2195 | $ 35.12

1kg strawberry cake with 16 pieces of fererro rocher.
₹ 1990 | $ 31.84

2kg pineapple cake with 16 pieces of ferrero rocher.
₹ 2995 | $ 47.92

1kg black forest cake with16 pieces of ferrero roc...
₹ 1895 | $ 30.32

1kg vanilla cake and 24 pieces of ferrero rochers.
₹ 2195 | $ 35.12

₹ 1595 | $ 25.52

Cake and celebrations
₹ 1095 | $ 17.52

Butterscotch and dairy milk
₹ 1195 | $ 19.12

1kg pineapple cake and 3 dairy milks.
₹ 1195 | $ 19.12

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Buy cake with chocolates to India

You would get a variety of cake and chocolate gifts at Online Delivery. Here are a few occasions when you can gift chocolates and cake to your friends or family
It is a special occasion when you can gift to both young and old people. Kids would love to have chocolates. You can give small cakes to the critters and make them happy. Don’t forget the adults and give yummy chocolates and cake to your family or friends.
Thanksgiving Day
Give your friends and family another reason to be thankful. You can gift them chocolate gifts on Thanksgiving Day. This day is associated with your family gatherings. Make it more special with cakes and chocolates.
A birthday is a special day in everyone’s life. Buy cake with chocolate in India for your loved ones and make them happy. We make sure that you get the best gift to make everyone moment better.
Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
It is a wonderful day to make your parents feel special. We have many flavours of cake in our collection such as black forest, strawberry, chocolate truffle, pineapple, vanilla, etc. You can buy your favourite flavoured cake with 16 or 24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher. Gift this amazing combo to your parents to celebrate mother’s day or father’s day.
Valentine’s Day
This day is known for exchanging chocolates among lovers. We offer online cakes and chocolates delivery in India so that you don’t need to run from one shop to another. Make your sweetheart feel special with our exclusive collection of cakes and chocolates.
It is a great occasion when everyone expects to have some gift from Santa. Distribute chocolates among your loved ones and make your Christmas unforgettable. You can try our combo offer of black forest cake with Cadbury celebration or five-star chocolates. You can order ½ kg, 1kg, or 2 kg according to a number of people you are inviting for celebration. Choose the chocolate gifts to express your care, love, and attention for your friends and family. Online Delivery offers timely cakes and chocolates gifts delivery in India . We make sure that you have a great shopping experience without any inconvenience.

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