Send cake and sweets to India

Send cake and sweets to India

As humans what sets us apart from others is our capacity to think and feel. However, one thing which most people dreads doing or feels scared to do is to express their emotion for their loved ones. We often fail to tell our parents or loved ones how much they mean to us. You only realize their importance, only when you are far from them. Expressing gratitude and love is not all about words. Small gestures also play a very big role. Instead of writing long letters, just send a cake and sweets to India, for your loved ones from This small gesture may not cost you a lot, but would surely mean a lot for people who miss your presence in their life.
1 Kg Black forest cake with 1 Kg Sweets
₹ 1995 | $ 31.92

1 Kg Black forest cake with 1 Kg Gulab Jamun
₹ 1795 | $ 28.72

Gulab Jamun and Pineapple Cake
₹ 1095 | $ 17.52

Gulab Jamun and Chocolate cake
₹ 1095 | $ 17.52

What Are Client Say

buy cake and sweets to India

At we have cakes for all occasions. When you buy cake and sweets online to India, make sure you specify the occasion. We take extreme care to ensure that your design and message is imprinted on the cake, without fail. While sending a cake do keep in mind the choice and preference of the recipient, if you are aware of it. Choosing a flavour or composition which a person does not like, only indicates that you did not pay attention to their choices, which would defeat your very purpose.

cake and sweets delivery to India

At we understand that India is a homogenous country where religious customs and culture play a big role in determining the taste of the people. If you have friends who are strictly vegetarian, you can opt for eggless cake and sweets delivery to India from We also carry large varieties of fruit cakes which are quite popular among kids for their crunchy texture. Keeping the taste of kids in mind, we offer cakes resembling popular characters like Cinderella, or Spiderman with whom kids identify themselves a lot. For adults we have red velvet cakes, rainbow cakes, cheese cakes and many other exotic varieties of cakes, which are difficult to obtain from any normal cake shop.

same day cake and sweets send to India

At we only require a few hours to process your request. If you are opting for same day cake and sweets send to India, we shall take only 4-5 hours to get your cake to their destination. It is really helpful, if you suddenly remembered someones birthday or anniversary and have only a few hours in hand, before the day ends. Along with the cake, you can also add other gifts or send a combo hamper of flowers and cakes to make the day of your loved ones even brighter.

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