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Flowers are often regarded as the best creation of God on earth. There are few things which can be more pure than a blooming floret. Humans have always associated flowers with beauty,elegance, joy and happiness, which is why they have been a part of popular culture since time immemorial. Express your love and Send Flowers, Chocolates and Sweets to India online with our free delivery service.
12 Red Roses With 1 Kg Rasgulla and 2 Cadbury Dair...
₹ 1495 | $ 22.42

12 Pink Rose With 1/2 kg Mixed Sweets and 4 Cadbur...
₹ 1495 | $ 22.42

Mixed Gerbera with vase ,MotiChoor Ladoo and 2 pcs...
₹ 1895 | $ 28.42

12 Mixed Roses,16 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and 1 ...
₹ 1995 | $ 29.92

Mixed Flowers and Kaju katli
₹ 2295 | $ 34.42

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Send flowers, chocolates and sweets to India

It is interesting to note that traditionally, we are conditioned to think that men gift women flowers. However, at we have consistently noticed that almost 50% of our customers are females who send flowers, chocolates and sweets to India. Men, just like women love receiving flowers. They may not show it, for fear of being labelled as effeminate, but there is no denying that the rosy hues of fresh flower petals stir a feeling of contentment in both the sex's alike.

buy flowers, chocolates and sweets online to India

If you are a woman and are wondering what to send along with the flowers you can choose to buy flowers, chocolates and sweets online to India for your male friends from If you wish to get a little more innovative, a ticket to their favourite game show or a great meal would surely get things rolling for you.

Same day flowers, chocolates and sweets send to India

Psychologists say that surprises are not an exclusive female only territory. Men love surprises too. A surprise necessarily does not have to include vacation tickets to Hawaii. You can opt for our same day flowers, chocolates and sweets send to India services and send your regular gifts in an unexpected manner packed beautifully with flowers.Red roses are lovely and everyone loves receiving a bouquet of red roses. At we understand that there is a big world out there, which is beyond romance, which is why we carry a huge inventory of flowers in every colour. Ranging from simple lilies to radiant tulips, the options we provide to our customers are practically limitless. Apart from flowers, chocolates and sweets delivery to India, we also offer a lot of other products which can be customized on request. We also specialize in creating innovative combo gift packs, which combines different items in a beautiful manner in a gift hamper.For further queries, recommendations or clarifications , fell free to contact us through email or through our website and we shall be glad to serve you in every possible way.