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Holi is the very enjoyment festival. On Holi people celebrate with different colours and with water. peaple eat on holi dhani and khajur. Online Holi sweets delivery in India, People here, very much like in India, meet each others, and distribute sweets enjoying Holi with immense joy and enthusiasms.
    1 Kg kaju katli with Holi Gulal
    ₹ 1995 | $ 31.92

    1 Kg khoya Ghujiya with gulal
    ₹ 1295 | $ 20.72

    Soan Papdi with Gulal
    ₹ 595 | $ 9.52

    Besan Laddu With Gulal
    ₹ 1395 | $ 22.32

    Chocolate Burfi with Gulal
    ₹ 895 | $ 14.32

    Besan Laddu, Soan Papdi with Gulal
    ₹ 1195 | $ 19.12

    Rasgulla With Gulal
    ₹ 845 | $ 13.52

    Kaju Roll Sweets with Gulal
    ₹ 1445 | $ 23.12

    Pista Burfi with Gulal
    ₹ 1445 | $ 23.12

    Pista Burfi With Gulal
    ₹ 845 | $ 13.52

    Moti Choor Laddu With Gulal
    ₹ 845 | $ 13.52

    Moti Choor Laddu With Gulal
    ₹ 1445 | $ 23.12

    Dry Petha With Gulal
    ₹ 595 | $ 9.52

    500 grams Sweets, Gulal, Pickari and Balloon
    ₹ 995 | $ 15.92

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    Online Holi sweets delivery in India

    Being part of the busy life, it has become essential to celebrate all festival with a lot of courage, and happiness. , and you also should not let this chance from your h, and. Holi in 2018 will be celebrated on Friday, the 2nd of March (2/3/2018).Let’s check it out the best Holi sweets online.
    • Soan Papdi with Gulal is the best gift to book online, and send it to your favorite ones. The sweet has been paired especially with Gulal to make it Holi special gift.
    • Mixed Rose, Gujia, and Gulal is next on the list, and quite special among the people who wish to send the special wishes on Holi.
    • Do you wish to send one of the best Holi sweets delivery India? Holi Snacks Basket coming up with Gujia, and other delicious snacks to jazz up the Holi celebration mood.
    • The basket on 750 gram Dry Fruits with Gulal is another one high in demand on the special occasion of Holi. Buy Holi sweets delivery India from Onlinedelivery at the best prices.
    • Kaju Badam with Gulal is one of the best Holi sweets delivery online, and you should buy it. Basket of 750 Gram Dry Fruits with Gulal, and Basket of 500 Gram Kaju with Gulal is also ideal choice to go.
    If you wish to make your loved ones feel very special then go with these online Holi sweets including Pista Burfi with Gulal, Moti Choor Ladoo With Gulal, Dry Petha With Gulal, Rose, Gujia Thandai With Gulal, Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate With Gulal, and so on. Holi is the best enjoyed with sweets together with family and friends. Gujia is a sweet dish popular in North India. It is generally prepared during Holi festival.

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