Send Anniversary Flowers and Cake to India

Cakes traditionally have been associated with birthdays. The beautifully decorated piece of sugary sweetness has a universal appeal. Nowadays people indulge in cakes even on a special occasion like anniversaries or New Year occasion. At you can send anniversary flowers and cakes to India for your beloved as a surprise gift in an unusual manner. The element of surprise would make your gift all the more memorable and special.
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Red Rose With Pineapple Cake Save 8%
1,195.00 1,095.00
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Pink Roses with chocolate Cake Save 8%
1,295.00 1,195.00
Mixed Flowers with Cake Save 27%
4,895.00 3,595.00
Butterscotch With Mixed Roses Save 30%
3,295.00 2,295.00
Truffle Cake With Carnation Save 27%
2,995.00 2,195.00