Send cake and flowers to India

Wish to buy something extremely special for your loved one? Have a look at the cake and flowerspage of Online Delivery. Choose us for cake and flower delivery services. A combination of cake and flowers can double the joy and happiness of any occasion. Without cake, there can not be any celebration while it is only flowers that compliment the gift. Now there is no need to spend hours looking for a perfect gift. Delicious cakes and fresh floral arrangements may be sent from Online Delivery.
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Red Rose With Pineapple Cake Save 8%
1,195.00 1,095.00
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Pink Roses with chocolate Cake Save 8%
1,295.00 1,195.00
Cake For Mom N Roses Save 13%
1,495.00 1,295.00
Carnation With Choco Cream Cake Save 13%
1,595.00 1,395.00
Mixed Flowers with Cake Save 27%
4,895.00 3,595.00
Butterscotch With Mixed Roses Save 30%
3,295.00 2,295.00
Truffle Cake With Carnation Save 27%
2,995.00 2,195.00