Online flowers and cake delivery in India

Giving cake with a beautiful bouquet of flowers would be the best gift for your loved ones on any special occasion. From, you can get our delicious cakes as per your loved one’s favourite flavor. It is a unique platform where you can choose gifts for everyone. Though sending flowers and cakes is a bit traditional but it is still trendy and has its own charm. Try our flowers and cake delivery in India for an amazing shopping experience. The first thing to consider is the right flower and cake. You must know the preference of your dear ones to whom you want to send a gift online. It is essential to know these things to choose the best one. Once you get to know everything,buy flowers and cake to India and convey your love message to your dear ones.
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Red Rose With Pineapple Cake Save 8%
1,195.00 1,095.00
5 1 Reviews
Pink Roses with chocolate Cake Save 8%
1,295.00 1,195.00
Carnation With Choco Cream Cake Save 13%
1,595.00 1,395.00
Mixed Flowers with Cake Save 27%
4,895.00 3,595.00
Butterscotch With Mixed Roses Save 30%
3,295.00 2,295.00
Truffle Cake With Carnation Save 27%
2,995.00 2,195.00