Send flowers and cakes combo to India

It is true, florists are using the gift of nature, but they are using it to spread love to everyone. People are too busy with their lives that they don't have time to actually express their love to their loved ones. So florist plays an important role in such conditions with their variety of combos. You can send Flowers and cakes online, a perfect combo for your occasion to express your gratitude towards someone. You can use them to express your feelings and love. Most of them would agree that Flowers around them makes them feel fresh and obviously everyone loves chocolates. So the florists also have some amazing offers which allow the people to cake Ferrero Rocher chocolate combo to anyone in India and make sure that they known their value in life.

Butterscotch Cake Save 2%
8,895.00 8,695.00
Pineapple Cake with Mixed Dry Fruits Save 6%
1,795.00 1,695.00
4 1 Reviews
Black forest cake with Rocher Save 16%
1,895.00 1,595.00
Big Pink Teddy Cute Little Heart Baby Save 3%
3,695.00 3,595.00
Red Rose With Pineapple Cake Save 8%
1,195.00 1,095.00
5 1 Reviews
Red Roses With Mixed Fruits Save 17%
2,995.00 2,495.00
Black Forest Cake & celebrations Save 25%
995.00 745.00
Graceful Pink Carnation Save 19%
795.00 645.00
Pink Roses with chocolate Cake Save 8%
1,295.00 1,195.00