LED Star cushion

Courier Product
Beautiful & customized LED cushion cover with cushion to make your interior look more amazing. These LED Cushions come with Great Comfort Feel and Option of Personalize with Sublimation Printing Technology. 
When you simply tap the middle of the cushion, you'll start a cyclic play of lights consisting of slowly changing colours. The electronic of the LED Cushion and the low energy LEDs are situated in the filling, it has also a little bag in its interior with a small padded battery pack to ensure it feels totally comfortable. However, the LED Cushion's cover is fully removable and washable. 
Like relaxed evenings on your sofa? Then go for the LED Cushion ? so cool and geeky you'll never want switch it off!
Note: It is a courier product and it will be delivered within 3-5 working days.

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