Send designer cakes to India

If you are outside of the country, but need to have a gift for a loved one, then you can send designer cakes to India. We at Online Delivery have a huge selection that you can choose from that would make any child squeal the moment that they see the delicacy. You can pick from some great simply designed cakes or you can go for the character based options, so make sure to choose the best one. Let us help you surprise someone that you love by delivering your chosen item to them without you worrying about whether or not it will show up.
Cake MAC Makeup Save 14%
90.57 77.63
Minions Cake Save 9%
29.72 27.13
Angry Birds Photo Cake Save 11%
24.54 21.95
Delicious Flowers Design Cake Save 10%
12.88 11.59